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On a Personal Note for the Executives We Serve.

In today's global marketplace one key feature of success is being able to build and recognize value.  Our services focus is on valuations, financing, and transaction assistance building value for expanding organizations.  As an independent financial advisory firm we can provide the third party perspective and valuable business services  necessary to achieve your goals.

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MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS: Should we achieve growth by acquiring our competitor?  Just who would be the best strategic partner for our industry? Are they interested in partnering? What are the key issues to consider?

APPRAISALS and BUSINESS VALUATIONS: Wondering what your enterprise is worth today and how you can build value for the future? Thinking about establishing a stock option plan to retain key employees? Need to value your organizations equity for a buy sell agreement? Are you preparing to buy or sell a business?

How can my organization most easily comply with required FINANCIAL REPORTING VALUES ?


Just what are our TRADEMARK and PATENTS WORTH ?

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SERVICES: How can our organization best expand in the global marketplace and take advantage of cross-country financial opportunities. Where can we find the resources to expand into our targeted country?

INVESTMENT SERVICES: Trying to raise capital? Wondering if establishing a treasury function is right for you? Looking for quality transaction advisory services?

TAX PLANNING: Has your home country revenue agency sent notice they want copies of your transfer pricing documentation? Are you analyzing TRANSFER PRICING between countries to enhance business structure and tax planning?

BUSINESS PLANNING, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, CORPORATE RESTRUCTURING : Considering outsourcing of your finance or your entire administrative function? Are you properly structured for the GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT you operate in? Thinking about an update or strategic review of your business plan to  accommodate significant industry changes? Have your business risks been quantified and risk management programs been properly structured?

OPERATIONAL REVIEWS: Is our company functioning to the best of its ability and is it as competitive as possible using all the tools available in today's global commerce?

FRAUD PREVENTION and FRAUD INVESTIGATION: Concerned about white collar crime? It hasn't affected you yet but are you protected? Are your policies and systems adequate to protect against theft? Wishing you could find someone to manage an investigation into your executive's current suspect activities?

Parro International is committed to the expansion of businesses into international trade in the emerging and middle market business sectors. You will find throughout this site useful informational references to assist in your organization's growth into international markets.

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