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As a leading provider of business and financial advisory services, we are always working to improve our product offerings. If you see something you like, have recommendations for improvement, or if you are simply looking for a business financial service we do not currently provide, give us your thoughts.

Since 1986, Parro International has been providing specialty business advisory and investment services.  It has been a catalyst for maximizing profits through assistance in global strategic planning. From market intelligence, to identifying target acquisiton candidates and providing due diligence services, through valuations and management team assistance, Parro International has been known to unleash the outstanding business potential of the clients we serve.

Our work experience includes over two decades of providing services to and establishing unique alliances with legal, accounting, private investment groups and management consulting organizations throughout the world. This work allows us to bring a dynamic service group to focus on the needs of your organization in the countries in which you operate.

We understand you have choices as to the investment support group you select to accomplish your goals and we thank you for considering our group in your search for the highest quality services. 

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