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In order to obtain the highest possible chance of success for our capital investors, we have on staff over a quarter of a century of experience observing and evaluating those businesses that have performed well verses those that fail.  It is because of such experience that we are also ideally suited to bring best practices to your entity.  

We evaluate business structure and often find additional geographic or functional arms are needed. Perhaps the organizational form that once worked best is now outdated and another is more suitable for the next phase of business growth or capital investment. By  working with you and your customers, market direction can be focused for the best return on your invested capital. We can evaluate your market potential, review your business plan or assist in creating the business plan that's right for you that will give the best chance of success in an ever changing global market place.

Operational Reviews

Operational Reviews

A detailed Business Performance Review puts your company under a magnifying glass and evaluates its major components including planning, organizational structure, operational control, and administrative systems. It is an objective analysis by a trained professional to identify strengths and weaknesses and includes benchmarking to global "best practices". Resulting recommendations are concrete, pragmatic action plans for improvement to help your company perform to the best of its ability and to be ready for the next step in growth.

For smaller entities, our Business Health Check Up includes evaluating your team of experts to be certain you have all the experience necessary at your finger tips to grow your business. This informal Board of Directors will be the catalyst for many of your future business ideas. It is important that they work well together and are actively generating value added ideas for your success.

Fraud Prevention and Investigation

Fraud Prevention and Investigation

White collar crime is a leading growth industry. Surveys of small to medium size businesses (120 employees or less) have indicated that an estimated one third of business failures are due to white collar crime. Through a thorough analysis of business systems and interviews with key management personnel, we can create a program of safeguards to help protect against today's white collar criminal. From computer systems to treasury management, efficiencies are maximized while asset protection is enhanced.

We can investigate suspected fraudulent activity and serve as expert witnesses working with legal counsel in "after the fact" unfortunate occurrences.

You may also want to see our simple advisory checklist on what to do when your IT manager resigns.

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