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Charitable Contributions

See Sterling Foundations for excellence in foundation administration.

Many of our clients are philanthropists at heart.

Want to know how effective a charitable entity is? Looking for an organization to contribute to or get involved in that meets your requirements for activities? We can help. Through our access to country wide reporting data bases, we can:

  • evaluate the charity you are considering for your criteria
  • find the best organization to advance your mission regardless of where in the world it may be
  • evaluate grant requests
  • provide an independent valuation for your charitable remainder trust, charitable annuity, or other contributions for tax or other purposes
Tax rules are constantly changing in the countries in which we operate.  It is important that the advisory firm you work with can identify advantages and be qualified to do the work required to be sure your charitable intentions are implemented.

United States:

Has recently changed rules on qualifications of appraisers for charitable contributions. These rules add credential requirements for compliance documentation. Don't be caught offguard.

USA establishes qualifications for tax appraisers: New United States Treasury Regulations recently issued regulations for qualified appraisers for US tax purposes specifically directed toward appraisers of charitable contributions including contributions in trust. Among other things, appraisers for tax reporting purposes for charitable contributions in the US must now meet the following criteria: 

  • the individual or entity must hold themselves out to the public as an appraiser or perform appraisals on a regular basis
  • the appraisal should detail the appraisers qualifications and background
  • the appraiser cannot be the donor, donee, or a family member of either

Appraisals in the US are now required to contain specified descriptive elements and meet Treasury guidelines: 

  • a description of the appraisal process and assumptions
  • the information considered in determining the value (eg ownership interest and financial data)
  • the valid valuation method used (eg income, market, asset value)
  • the basis for the valuation (eg comparables)

Whereas previously, US quidelines for appraisers of charitable contributions were almost nonexistant, these new rules will require you to obtain the services of qualified appraisers. We would very much like to support you in your tax planning and philanthropic efforts by providing a qualified US appraisal.

  • Private Charitable Foundations are becoming an important tax reduction strategy. Three valuable tax advantages are an immediate tax deduction for contributions, the foundation's assets grow free of income tax and no estate or gift taxes need be paid.  Added benefits allow the donor to put their personal stamp on an institution that will live forever.  However the US Internal Revenue Service is scrutinizing these foundations more closely. Passing the scrutiny isn't difficult if proper planning is done.  
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