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Succession Planning







Planning begins with the end in mind. Establishment of a sound growth strategy is not complete without a sound exit strategy. One in four privately held businesses will result in the owner exiting in a manner viewed as acceptible. Many others must liquidate or simply cease operations without having the opportunity to reap the profits of building the business or allowing it to go to the next level.  In advancing technologies and life sciences this deprives human kind of often needed new technologies for healthcare or scientific advancement.

We work to provide the closely held business with every opportunity to obtain financing and/or suitable successors to take their dreams to that next level.  It requires human resource assessment as well with review of compensation plans and sound valuations for the ongoing net worth of the entity. 

While their are many techniques that can be deployed like: buy/sell agreements, life insurance strategies, and IPOs, experienced business advisors should be knowledgeable of the industry, competitors, and funding alternatives to be truly successful in succession planning. It's more of an exercise in marketing than it is in administrative tactics.

Over the next few months, we will be adding succession tactics to this area of our site. On your next visit, this is a page you will want to see to gain an advantage with tips and insights to the process of succession planning for your organization.     

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