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Transaction Advisory Advising On Your Transaction

As a leading cross border transaction advisory firm you will find our range of services to be important for an integrated approach to your transaction needs.  We have been instrumental in providing:

  • Transaction opinions
  • Due diligence - both determination of scope and execution
  • Transaction structuring
  • Venture Capital redemption pricing
  • Financial engineering
  • Performance projections

Whether you are affecting a merger, acquisition, or divestiture, or simply taking a company private we can assist. Because we are active in the investment markets, our professionals are trained to know the nuances of the transactions in addition to the numbers.  They are required to know the industries in which you wish to operate including competitors and key suppliers as well as any government regulations that may affect your proposed course of action.  You will find that we are the only support service firm that can support its advice with transactions that we may have already accomplished for ourselves.  That is why we can promote our value added concept. 

Mergers & Acquisitions:
If you're considering an expansion program which includes corporate acquisitions or are the target of an acquisition we can help.  Our team of business formation specialists can evaluate the combination under current market conditions.  Buying a business and selling a business are quite different activities and involve significantly different issues.  Pre and post combination issues can be identified early on.  Corporate cultures are the leading cause of unsuccessful business combinations.  We work to identify the financial as well as the non-financial aspects and create a meaningful plan to address them.

If you are on the selling side of the equation, one to two years prior to your exit, you will want to explore our CHECKLIST FOR GENERATING VALUE.  This easy ten point guide focuses your efforts on what activities will enhance the value of your business as you prepare to exit
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